Cambridge 2nds vs Reading 3rds

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The inaugural match of Cambridge Eagles was against Reading seconds at home. The game began strongly, with a series of faceoff wins by Skylar Johnson and the opening goal being scored by the successful face man. In the first quarter a further three Cambridge goals went unanswered by Reading, a brace for Aiden Jakubik, and one for Jimmy Hatswell.

In the second quarter the goals kept on coming for Cambridge, facilitated by a continued dominance at the face off, with Tim Jenkins opening the scoreboard and Jimmy racking-up a further two goals. It was during this second quarter that Reading opened-up their account before Cambridge capped-off the quarter with a further goal by Aiden, making the score 8-1 to Cambridge.

A rotation of attack and midfield for the second half of the match led to a change of playing style and tempo, but Reading also came out of the half time break with a renewed drive, replying to the first two Cambridge goals by Ralph Knight and Skylar Johnson in equal measure. Cambridge regained their momentum with several strong drives at goal resulting in goals from Simon Bleet and Aiden.

The final quarter was hard fought, with a settled defence and skirmishing in the midfield, as well as several strong defensive clears. This allowed Cambridge to reassert their dominance with a further 3 goals coming through Jimmy Hatswell, one through Tim Jenkins, and a last minute coup de grace delivered by Aiden Jakubic, to result in a score line of 17-3 to Cambridge Eagles at full time and seal victory for the home team in their first ever game since their formation this year.


Jimmy Hatswell – 6

Aiden Jakubik – 5

Skylar Johnson – 2

Tim Jenkins – 2

Ralph Knight – 1

Simon Bleet – 1



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