Match Report – Cambridge University 1sts vs Spencer 2nds

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Cambridge Blues began the season with the toughest matchup of the year, playing Spencer seconds away. Spencer won the first face-off cleanly, but great man-to-man defence from Matt Parker quickly got Cambridge the possession. After settling down in offence, ex-Warwick midfielder Richard Gold took a cannonball shot that rebounded off the goalie. Attackman Jonathan Linebaugh came up with the groundball and finished it with a quick jumpshot – Cambridge up 1-0.
This great start turned around quickly, however, with Spencer winning face-off after face-off, and denying Cambridge possession for 4 consecutive goals. Looking rusty, Cambridge was unable to clear and missing easy passes, and could not keep up with the great teamwork from the opposition. A creasedive goal from former Oxford attackman Pete Baddoo led to a halftime score of Spencer 9, Cambridge 2.

Cambridge defence managed to get back into the game, and the third quarter ended with only one goal on each side. With fitness playing an important part in the last 20 minutes, the Blues started taking fouls, giving themselves a hard time playing man-down. Defence managed to concede only two goals in the last quarter, and with Jono scoring his second of the day, the final score ended with Cambridge losing 4-12.

Jono Linebaugh: 2 goals
Pete Baddoo: 1 goal, 1 assist
Richard Gold: 1 goal


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