Cambridge University vs University of Northampton

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Lacrosse is a hard-fought sport, and this Wednesday, Ed Chalklen decided that he wanted in on that fight. Traveling with a small, experienced squad of only 10 players to Northhampton University, Ed gave the Cambridge Team hope that they could continue their dominate performance in BUCS without having to play man down the entire game.

With only 15 minutes to warm up, Cambridge started flat-footed and gave up a quick, easy goal to the opposition. Northampton’s temporary optimism was crushed as soon as Cambridge’s offense started clicking and goals started flying in from Nick Evens, Pete Baddoo, and Matt Coley. The Northampton defense was no match for the expert Cambridge dodgers, but their goalie was stopping nearly every shot Cambridge had.

In the second quarter, Northampton began clearing the ball past the tired Cambridge middies and started to close the goal gap, but some great close-shot stuffs from Stuart Cummings prevented disaster. Fantastic work by Oskari Timgren and Pete on shooting throughout the quarter kept the score 5-4 at the end of the half. Going into the third quarter, Cambridge rotated many of its players and their offense took off. Winston Tan, Krin Muskens, and Matt Johnson picked up almost every ground ball they got near, giving the Cambridge attack the vast majority of possession time. After a strong shot and goal from Nick, Coley’s dodges from X produced 3 quick goals before the defense caught on. The distracted defense gave Pete the room to dodge and shoot, producing 2 more goals.

The Cambridge squad, tired and covered in mud, was not going to give up their 7 goal lead entering the final quarter. Cambridge’s stellar longpole, Will Barrie, unleashed hell the entire quarter with precision checks that kept Northampton’s best players from even dreaming of scoring. The Cambridge middies played tight defense, forcing Northampton to take outside shots that were swallowed up by Stuart. There were no holes in the Cambridge defense; Ed, Krin, Oskari, Winston, Matt, and for a while, Nick, all worked hard to stay on the their men. Despite playing 85% defense that quarter, Cambridge only let in 1 goal while Pete scored one himself. There is nothing harder than playing lacrosse with zero subs. Everyone on the Cambridge squad stepped up on Wednesday to secure a 12-5 win and keep Cambridge undefeated in BUCS.

Man of the Match: Matt Coley

Goals: Matt Coley(5, 1a), Pete Baddoo(4, 2a), Nick Evans(2, 1a), Oskari Timgren(1)


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