Match Report – Cambridge 1sts vs Croydon

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Motivated by their dominant performance against London Uni last week, Cambridge Blues travelled to South London this Saturday to face Croydon. The opposition started the game strong, putting a goal in quickly. Pete Baddoo answered with a strong individual performance, tying the game at 1-1. Croydon had a strong midfield with skilful shooters, and managed to get a lot of shots off in the first quarter. Two of these led to goals, but a strong performance in goal by Kyle Hall prevented a big lead for Croydon early on. Cambridge went man-down in the last seconds of the quarter, but Matt Coley ran the ball all the way upfield, and with a spectacular creasedive goal ended the first quarter with Cambridge down one goal.

Cambridge maintained their momentum after the break, with Matt Coley and Krin Müskens winning all faceoffs, granting Cambridge possession after possession. These possessions were efficiently used, with the Blues showing some of the best teamwork they’ve seen in years. Quick passes and lots of off-ball movement led to a run of 5 unanswered goals for Cambridge. Pete Baddoo played an important role in finishing off the team play, scoring 3 goals and assisting Aiden Jakubik on crease. Score at halftime was Cambridge 7, Croydon 3.

Both teams only brought small squads to the game, which was visible in the second half of the game. The speed of the game went down, and Cambridge started committing unnecessary fouls. Defence kept playing strong, however, not conceding any goals whilst man-down. The second quarter ended in 9-5, with both teams scoring 2 goals. Cambridge spent the fourth quarter slowing down the game, trying to secure their win. The game was determined by a man-up goal from Matt, followed by a quick goal of a groundball by Nick Evans. Final score: Cambridge 11, Croydon 6.

Pete Baddoo: 5 goals, 1 assist

Matt Coley: 2 goals, 1 assist

Nick Evans: 1 goal, 2 assists

Mark Currie:  1 goal, 1 assist

Aiden: 1 goal

Krin: 1 goal

Jasper: 1 assist


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