Cambridge 2nds vs Spencer 3rds

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The 17th of October saw Cambridge Eagles take on Spencer 3 at their home ground in London. The first quarter of the match saw a constantly fluctuating attacking momentum following Spencer’s initial winning of the face. This first face-off proved to be the only one of the first quarter, which yielded no goals for either side due to stout defending at both ends and a solid performance by goal keeper by Jonny Stamper, in a well-deserved Man of The Match performance.
In the second quarter Spencer opened-up the score sheet to take the lead, which was soon answered by Richard Moon to maintain the deadlock between the two teams. Spencer scored one further goal in the quarter, with Cambridge’s Tony Belviso, tying the score in his first match for the club. Solid goal keeping at both ends and formidable defence continued to keep the scores low.
Score at half time: 2-2.
The third quarter followed the same style as the first two, with settled plays at both ends following a series of short transitions and clearances including several strong carries into the offensive end by defender Chris Thompson. Unfortunately for the visitors, Spencer’s finishing allowed them to capitalise on attacking opportunities with two goals. The Cambridge attack returned a goal through Aiden Jakubik, as a result of pressure exerted on the Spencer goalie during clears by the attack.
The final quarter saw a change of momentum from Spencer, who came out of the blocks to utilise their greater experience and numbers to create a final quarter rush of four goals from fast breaks. By the end of the final quarter momentum had shifted and Cambridge began to take advantage of a quarter where they were undefeated in the faceoff thanks to Simon Bleet. Goals by Aiden and Tim Jenkins kept Cambridge in the game and momentum was with them in the attacking end when the match had to be abandoned with 14 seconds to go as a result of an injury during a big hit delivered to a Cambridge midfielder as he drove towards goal. This thankfully did not result in serious injury.
Final score: 8-5 to Spencer 3.
Aiden Jakubik – 2
Richard Moon – 1
Tony Belviso – 1
Tim Jenkins – 1



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