Players 2014-2015


No. Name Position College
Stuart Cummings (c) G St Catherine’s
Kyle Hall G
Tim Schaitberger D Robinson
Guy Ellis D
Adrian Herrera D
Reilly Kennedy D
Edmund Wigley D Churchill
Chris Thompson D
Alistair Fisher D St. John’s
Konradin Müskens M St. John’s
Simon Bleet M
Oliver Bleet M
Timothy Boner M
Matthew Coley M Girton
Timothy Jenkins M
Oskari Timgren M Churchill
David Clever M Caius
Garrett Goon M
Jonathan “Jasper” Aspinall M
Mark “Muffin” Currie M
Kevan Bhate M St John’s
Oliver Jenkins M
Richard Moon M Queen’s
Tim Tito Rademacher M Clare
Winston Tan M Churchill
Nick Evans A Clare
Bash Straub A
Jimmy James Hatswell A
Danyal Hasan A  Christ’s

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